Poultry Concentrates & additives

Our Poultry Concentrate is a premium quality concentrate, in crumble form, designed for a variety of poultry rations. It provides protein, lysine, methionine, calcium, phosphorus, salt, vitamins and trace minerals. Mix with corn and other grains for pullet and layer rations, or make broiler rations by mixing with corn and additional soybean meal.

WAFI Broiler
Concentrate 30%

(Brocon 30%)

Our animal feed concentrate for broilers offers a healthy and tasty ingredient for organic chicken feed. The feed contains high quality raw materials including amino acids, antioxidants, anti-moulds and other production/ efficiency improving feed additives in addition to proteins and yeast which are added to complete the formula.

Wafi  Broiler Concentrate is a premium quality concentrate in crumble form, designed to reach your optimal target nutritional levels. It provides protein, lysine, methionine, calcium, phosphorus, salt,
vitamins and trace minerals.

Farmers are able to attain an attractive profit from using our concentrate and it gives quick results in weight gain of the poultry.

WAFI Layer


Wafi Layer concentrate ranges from 5%, 10%  to 20% inclusion rate.This animal feed concentrate for laying hens  is widely appreciated for its longer shelf life, high nutritional content, excellent quality and easily digestible nature.

Our layer concentrate contains all micro-ingredients and proteins in a well-mixed form. In addition, it optimizes the performance and persistence of layers with high peak-production.

Benefits of Using Layer Concentrate

These are:
- Specially formulated and uniquely enriched with performance-enhancing additives for making layer 
- High productivity (Increased number and size of eggs)
- Firm egg content increasing the shelf life of eggs
- High feed utilization

WAFI Layer Concentrate 20% (Laycon 20%).

WAFI Layer Concentrate 10% (Laycon 10%).

WAFI Layer Concentrate 5% (Laycon 5%).
With sunflower cake

WAFI Layer Concentrate 5% (Laycon 5%).
With fish meal

Features of Layer Concentrate

Layer concentrate contains a high-quality protein source, crude fiber, crude ash, and other necessary vitamins and minerals. This range is widely appreciated for its optimum quality, hygienic processing, and easily digestible nature. It contains all micro-ingredients and proteins in a well-mixed concentrate. In addition, it optimizes the performance and persistence of layers with high peak-production.


From the moment chicks hatch up to when they turn 6 weeks old, they must eat WAFEED PRE-STARTER. For the first week, we give them wafeed pre-starter crumbles which gives them the rightful start, saves them from mortality and stuntedness

This feed has high protein content because at this stage baby chicks are busy developing into young feathered pullets.

WAFI toxin Binder

A farmer does not expect to make losses resulting from mycotoxins in feed on using Wafi Toxin Binder since its strong and world class.
Mycotoxins can lead to liver damage in poultry and they decrease egg production rate ,egg shell quality , fertilization rate and with more embryonic death reducing hatchability.

However with use of Wafi Toxin Binder and selection of only the right quality feed additives with proper storage, the farmer is assured of excellent results and high profitability.

Stock Feed Lime

Our Stock Feed Lime is an essential calcium supplement that can be fed to livestock to encourage further growth and development. Our stock feed lime product contains one of the highest levels of elemental calcium—40%

This product is useful for proper growth rates and proper bone development in poultry.

Wafi Poultry Acid Plus

Wafi Poultry Acid  Plus is a dry synergistic powder mixture of Formic ,Citric and Lactic Acid medium chain fatty acids and precipitated silica. Its application leads to reduction of bacteria adhesion through gene expression modification, enhanced gut intergity & efficiency and an optimised production of beneficial bacteria including bifido bacteria and lactobacilli.It stabilizes the natural intestinal flora  hence colonisation with pathogenic bacteria can be counteracted.

The maintenance of a correctly functioning digestive system represents a reduction of stress for the animal. The stabilisation of the physiological digestive condition improves the resorption of nutrients and the feed conversion rate of the animal.

Wafi  Poultry Acid has shown significant improvements in both feed intake, daily growth and feed conversion in poultry.

Multi Vitamin General Purpose

We recommended this quality premix that offers the best set of benefits like weight gain and faster growth of poultry and can contribute to your chicken’s healthy growth. It contains various kinds of nutrients required for the complete growth and development of your chicken.

Multi Vitamin Layers

Our Layer premix gives layers good balance of nutrients for ensuring better egg-laying abilities. Its components of vitamins D3 and  E contributes to a healthy immune system as well as increasing energy levels and appetite after a period of stress.