Porcorn 25%

Our pig farmers have continuously appreciated the impact of our animal feed concentrate for fattening pigs due to the very fast rate at which their pigs attain weight. They have always satisfactorily gained in the market and the production cost is low following the low feed intake.

Porcon 25% contains essential nutrients such as protein, energy, vitamins and minerals that are in well balanced rations for strong and healthy growth. The quality of meat produced is very good.

Sowcon 20%

With the use of our feed, a farmer is assured of sows producing more than 30 piglets per year since they are in the best condition to attain best productivity.

Our concentrate ensures high milk production in sows and each piglet is able to quickly attain the optimal weight.

This well formulated concentrate ensures a strong bone structure and and being a balanced diet ,it ensures a well developed body with optimal fat thickness and muscle.